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Ladies Love a Man in a Kilt!

Houston Kiltmakers has been in business now for over 100 years. We have a wonderful collection of letters, thank you notes, and photographs sent to us by our customers telling us how happy they were with their highland wear and how wonderful it looked! Highland wear and in particular kilts can be recognized any where in the world. Kilts not only represent Scotland, but represent the kind of people we are strong, proud and dare we say it, HANDSOME!

Every single gentleman who has worn one of our kilts admitted they were complimented on how smart they looked and couldn’t deny receiving a few fond looks from the ladies! Lets face it, after all it’s no secret; ladies love a man in a kilt! Love them or hate them its a fact; kilts attract the ladies! We’ve heard all the jokes before about ‘men in skirts’ but it takes a confident man to pull of a kilt! It could well be that confidence that attracts the ladies.

One of the best things about a kilt is its a conversation starter. Whether its someone that compliments how smart you look, or the tartan you’re wearing people always seem to be drawn to a kilt! One of our customers recently wore a kilt when he attended an important business meeting overseas to secure a big contract. He told us the kilt was a real ice breaker and provoked a lengthy conversation! Oh, and in case your wondering? He nailed the business deal!

Another customer of ours, Steve recently wore his kilt to a cultural diversity day which took place in the school he works in. He admitted he was the only one wearing a kilt and it attracted a lot of great attention! Everyone wanted a picture with him, he was definitely the most popular guy in school that day!

People are too quick to make jokes about ‘men in skirts’ as if kilts are not masculine. We would like to remind those people that Sean Connery (one of the most famous James Bond actors) wears a kilt. Actor Gerrard Butler has ladies swooning over him on a daily basis; he also wears a kilt! Who else you ask? Lets take you back centuries to one the earliest wearers of the kilt, William Wallace! One of the bravest men in Scottish history who fought for Scottish independence. What did he wear on the battlefield you ask? That’s right, A KILT!

Kilts are symbolic of a very strong and proud Scottish history. It’s no wonder the majority of Scottish men wear a kilt at their wedding, and its no surprise that we have customers ordering kilts world wide and often flying in from countries such as USA, Canada and Australia to visit our shop!

The moral of our story is guys if you want to make a lady swoon, wear a kilt!

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Valentine’s Day… Love in the Digital Era

It’s that time of year again, love is in the air and every shop window is full of hearts and flowers. You guessed it; VALENTINE’S DAY! There are of course mixed opinions on this particular holiday. Many believe it to be the most romantic day of the year, others think it’s just another money making scandal!

It is true that Valentine’s Day has become something of a spectacle with flower shops charging more for red roses on Valentine’s Day than for any other day throughout the year. For many people it becomes a competition; how many gifts you give or indeed receive is somehow symbolic of how much you love or are loved.

It seems that the majority of us do not send cards any more and instead send on a Happy Valentine’s Day text message to our sweethearts instead! The Huffington Post reported that in Britain sales of Valentine’s Gifts dropped between 2011 and 2012. They also disclosed a report from O2 which stated that 11 million more text messages were on last Valentine’s Day last year, which was substantially higher than the number of text messages sent any other day in the month of February.

So what do you think? Are you an old romantic at heart? Do you expect card’s, flowers, and a big fuss? Or do you think Valentine’s Day is a load of nonsense? Well in Scotland it seems we are quite the charmers as reports show Glasgow to be the most romantic city! On the 13th February 2012 with the percent of postage sent in Scotland went up significantly!

Houston’s are a traditional company and so we understand how important it is to move with the times. We have our website, an app which allows you to design your own tartan and receive emails, calls and texts everyday regarding orders and general enquiries. At Houston’s our highlandwear and values are traditional but of course our ways of communicating with customers are not!

So is this now the new norm? Would you be happy to receive a text from your Valentine instead of a card?

Comment below and let us know!

Let us just take a moment to wish all you old romantics proposing on Valentine’s Day 2013 all the luck in the world! We hope the answer is YES!

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