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We at Houston kiltmakers aim to bring the best highland wear straight to your finger tips with the website. You can shop out extensive range of jackets, kilts, accessories, gifts, vouchers and so much more. But did you know you can also search for a specific tartan?

Well with our hand tartan search tool with just a click you can find all the products & tartans we have understand that name. this blog covers how to use the tartan search tool.

Campbell tartan

Well to use the tartan search tool, lets locate it on the homepage:

If you look at the image below this you can see highlighted by an orange circle where the search bar is.

The highlight search bar is on the right hand top corner of the page & using this you can search for all our products or tartans. You can select which from the checkboxes on the drop down menu.

See image below*

Mackenzie tartan
Anderson tartan

Now we have found it lets search for a tartan in this case we have used “MURRAY” as an example , when you search this if you selected products it would take you to the relevant product.

But if you selected the tartans option it will display direct & related tartans as depicted on the right.

From here you can browse all the selected tartans you searched for including the prices, suppliers & swatches.

But there is also a filter bar to narrow down your search.

Smith tartan

The filter search helps narrow down what you are looking for including options to narrow by initial, supplier, colour & types of tartans.

If you were looking for a specific supplier or colour you can filter your search by selected the relevant checkboxes.

When using the search tool it will display multiple variants of that tartan so you may be presented with 10 Murray tartans that look slightly different?

How do I know which is the right one?

If your looking for an exact match to an existing tartan or kilt you have it would be useful to have this on hand to compare the swatches.

Tartans come in different variations of their sett pattern such as :

Hunting– Which has more deep forestry toned colours

Modern – Which has deeper more saturated colours

Weathered/muted– More washed out “weathered” colour appearance

Ancient – Softer more washed out colours closer to historic look

There is different names of the tartan what does that mean?

There is thousands of tartans from an array of family names & clan names, the tartan register is forever growing with new tartans with many tartans having new variations but we understand this can be overwhelming.

If a tartan has multiple names & variations is usually from one or more original tartan, so when the example Murray was used the following tartans were mentioned:

-Murray of Elibank

-Murray of Tullibardine

-Atholl (Murray) District

-Murray of Atholl

So what’s the difference?

Well all this means is there is multiple tartans associated with that name this could mean a clan or family name has more than one name tartan or certain names had multiple clans and the name variations represent 2 or more clans with the same name.

The pattern may differ slightly but in terms of tartan names they may just trace back to different clans or sources.

Murray tartan

Ok I found my tartan what now?

Let’s say for example we have chosen Ancient Murray of Atholl, there will be different suppliers of the tartan who all make the tartan minorly different (scale/tones of colour etc).

But we only use excellent scottish mills so unless your matching an existing tartan the only difference between them is the pricing but we are going to use Loch Carron as our example.

When selected a tartan page it will ask what products you would like to see this tartan in see on the right image.

For demonstration we are going to select kilt as an example:

scottish tartans

When you select a tartan for a kilt it will come up the tartan page with an option to put in measurements alongside measurement guides & videos.

Underneath this you can also find the kilt finishing options & prices with informational guides and video on the different type of kilt finishes.

If your looking to build a kilt outfit you can select the “build yours now” option on the right hand side of the page.

And just like that we have covered how to find tartans using the tartan search tool. We have 1000s of tartans available and the largest collection in Scotland with kilt packs & products suitable for every budget.

For any enquires on buy kilts, packs or products we would love to welcome you instore or alternatively you can reach us at [email protected] or call us on 0141 889 4879

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