Buying a kilt outfit for this 2024 wedding season

As the sun makes more of an appearance in the grey British weather, wedding season is just on the horizon. We can see it now, the sun shining and families dressed to the 9s for your special occasions this upcoming 2024 wedding season and what a busy year ahead we have. With that in mind this post covers why to consider wearing a kilt outfit to your next special occasion and look your very best in the most premium highland wear we have to offer.

kilt wedding outfit

2024 grooms-

As wedding season approaches we understand the excitement and stress that’s filling 2024 grooms at the moment as your big day is upcoming, planning a wedding can be one of the most enjoyable and also stressful parts of getting married and thankfully Houston kiltmakers would love to take some of that pressure off you by ensuring your looking and feeling your sharpest in a premium highland outfit without all the booking stress.

Your wedding outfit matters just as much as a wedding dress and you only want to look your best when presented on the happiest day of your life with your future partner. Suits are over done at weddings and a kilt outfit can be completely tailored to you and reflect your own unique style.

Why wear a kilt to a wedding-

Kilts are embraced all over Scotland and the globe not only for their scottish symbolism but there are thousands of tartans and always a tartan to suit every style, having a bespoke kilt outfit allows people to stand out from the crown in the best way possible. Many grooms opt for their own tartan and dress the grooms party in a similar or contrasting tartan. Bringing tartan to your wedding colour palette elevates the whole occasion.

wedding kilt outfit

Your wedding is the most special day of your life and you want to look as good as you feel, a suit can be for any occasion but dressing in a formal kilt outfit looking your best for your partner on this special occasion is something you wont forget & that will be an incredible memory.

Even as a wedding guest a great neutral kilt allows you to show your own style and differentiate from a grooms party with a neutral tartan. Kilts are traditional wedding attire in Scotland but are celebrated globally for their beauty. Scots fought for the right to wear our tartans and many embrace the kilt in respect to what tartan means to them and to Scotland.

What can I do with my kilt after my wedding?-

Kilts are one of the most versatile and sustainable garments you could own. kilts are 100% wool and designed to last, our kiltmakers have mastered the craft of handmaking kilts and yours will be a statement of enduring quality ensuring your kilt lasts a lifetime. Many people treasure their kilt as a memory of their special occasion and even pass it down their family.

Kilt outfit for wedding

Kilts can also be re-worn to a wide array of events including dinners, balls, ceilidhs, dances, burns suppers, christenings, graduations, highland games, business trips, or even a football game. Kilts can also be worn casually, by styling the kilt with a day sporran, socks, boots and a jumper/t-shirt/football shirt.

Your kilt can also be recycled into things like baby kilts and shoulder plaids.

How do I choose a tartan for my wedding?-

Here at Houston kiltmakers we are proud to offer the largest tartan selection available in Scotland, ensuring we have a tartan for everyone. Selecting a tartan isn’t easy for everyone when presented with so much choice and ultimately its your decision, most people tend to opt for 3 types of tartans.

Family name tartans are more universal tartans associated with family names and clans, many people want to wear the tartan associated with their family if one exists. The next kind is neutral tartans, many people loom for neutral tartans that can be styled for a special occasion and steer clear of fashion colours. Lastly sometimes customers pick a tartan based off their wedding colour palette usually with the help of their partner and select a tartan that compliments their colour scheme , tying the wedding look together.

Kilt wedding suit

There is no one wedding tartan, picking a tartan comes down to your own style and preferences. our experts can help with guidance to help you pick a tartan that can be styled to give the look you want. Your wedding outfit is one of the most important ones you will wear in your lifetime and be photographed in for your special occasion, luckily we have a wide selection for you to find your perfect tartan.

When to start booking in to buy a kilt-

We recommend booking your kilt in as far as advance as you can as tartans are produced they are sometimes out of stock or on wait list for ordering so booking as soon as possible. This gives you the best selection of tartans to chose from and allows for sufficient production time.

kilt wedding outfit view 1

We do recommend 6-12 months ahead of the function date but we do offer express kilts for order in as little as 1-2 weeks for an additional charge. This is subject to stock level of tartans your interested in for your kilt.

Your kilt is fully customisable and with the largest tartan selection in Scotland we can make your dream kilt. Our kiltmakers are masters in their craft and your kilt will be an enduring statement of quality, designed to last you a life time.

If you have any enquires on buying a kilt or anything else we would love to welcome you in store, or alternatively you can reach us at 0141 889 4879 or email us at [email protected]

You can also browse out full tartan range available here

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