This link will lead you to all the styles of Thomson tartan we do in store such as weathered, ancient, muted and modern Thomson tartan

This link will lead you to the Scottish register of tartans however some of these tartans may be privately owned and created and would require permission to be used and woven

With most kilts we would recommend a heavyweight Thomson tartan kilt as it will sit better

We have 19 Thomson tartans that we sell in store the most popular Thomson tartan we sell is 16/17oz Modern Thomson tartan which is Houstons own range

The main colours in the Thomson tartan are  blue, black,  red, yellow and white

Thomson Clan history  

The Thomson family’s ancestors resided among the Strathclyde people in the Scottish/English Borderlands. Their surname is derived from the ancient personal name Thomas, which means twin.

The surname Thomson was initially found in Ayrshire, a county in the southwestern Strathclyde region of Scotland. This area now comprises the Council Areas of South, East, and North Ayrshire. The earliest mentions of the name date back to the early 1300s. Among them were John Thomson, a man of humble origins but recognized for his bravery, who led the men of Carrick in Edward Bruce’s war in Ireland in 1318. Another notable figure was Adam Thomson, listed as Lord of Kylnekylle in Ayrshire around 1370-80. Towards the end of the century, Johannes filius Thome was elected bailie of Aberdeen in 1398.

In the 15th century, we come across John Tomson, who witnessed a grant in Ayr in 1401. Donald Thomson was part of an inquest to determine the grazing rights of the Temple lands over the neighbouring town and territory of Letter in 1461. John Thomsoun served as a juror in an inquest at Dunipace in 1426, while Duncan Thomsone of Auchinhampteris witnessed a bond of manrent in 1491.

Across the border in Yorkshire, England, records from the time of the Yorkshire Poll Tax Rolls in 1379 show that Adam Thomasson and Johannes Thomasson held lands there.

Interestingly, there is a record of the Thomson family in the parish of Tywardreath, Cornwall, England, which is located far to the south and west. Treveryon-house and barton in this parish have been owned by the Thomson family for many generations. Currently, their representative is H. Thomson, Esq., a captain in the Royal Cornwall Militia. Treveryon-house is situated in a captivating location and features four pillars of the Ionic order, crafted from Cornish granite, showcasing its beauty on its front facade.

 The Thomson Family motto is “honesty is the best policy”

Ewans tips for styling

There are many ways to style the Thomson tartan however our recommendation would be a silver or charcoal tweed

We also recommend that you match the colour of your flashes to the tartan or a plain colour  

Famous Thomson

A famous Thomson you might know being William Thomson (1824-1907) who was the first Baron Kelvin and was also know for being a mathematician

Thomson Tartan Kilt

Modern Thomson Blue from Houstons own range

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