Scottish tartan gifts for the festive season

It is approaching that time of year some dread and some wait for all year long for. The festive season unites everyone of all backgrounds and diversities in celebrating the beliefs and traditions we all partake in as a community.

Gift giving is one of the most special parts of the festive season and for some this is easier than others, gift giving can be stressful for some and people can struggle to find good gift ideas that aren’t tackily Christmas themed or gimmicky. Well not to worry we offer a wide range of accessories and gifts ideal for the festive season, bringing a Scottish twist to the standard boring festive gift ranges available on the high street.

Scottish gifts

Gift sets –

Some of our most popular gifting sets are clan crest gift packs. clan crest items are highland wear accessories with clan detailing of your family name/ tartan.

These are great gifts for the family, clan crest items are great to treasure as memento of a special occasion or festive period and sometimes passed down generation to generation.

Festive gift sets
Clan crest gift sets

What’s included in a clan crest gift set? –

-Belt buckle

-Kilt pin

-Sgian Dubh


We offer a variety of clan crest gift set options with some including a clan crest sporran or hip flask. We have set for everyone and all our gift sets are available in an antique finished like pictured or a shiny metal finish.

All our highland wear accessories are handmade in Scotland by high-quality suppliers. these sorts of gift accessories are pieces of enduring quality and will last a life time when taken care of properly.

Turn around time for clan crest gift sets is usually around 1-2 weeks but we also have a wide range available in store and online for purchase.

Individual clan crest gifts –

All of the above-mentioned accessories are available individually and can be customised like your Sgian Dubh top can be plain or a coloured stone. We offer hundreds of variations of designs & finishes of Kilt pins, Sgian Dubhs, Cufflinks, Buckles, and any of the listed below.

Scottish Christmas gifts


-Tie pins

-Key rings

-Bottle openers

-Whisky glasses

-Hip flasks

Tartan accessories

Clan crest plaques –

Clan crest plaques are plaques created with your family/clan tartan and crest detailing. Designed to be mounted or displayed, a clan crest plaque is a great gift and ideal for displaying your Scottish heritage.

Clan crest plaques come in multiple wood finishes and in a wide array of tartans and clans, in multiple sizes.

Sgian Dubh –

As mentioned before we have a wide range of Sgian Dubh’s, there’s hundred’s of designs including non clan crest styles.

Sgian Dubh’s come in a variety of materials, finishes, metal detailing, gem stones & embossing features.

There are two main types of Sgian Dubh :

Day Sgian Dubh gift

Day Sgian Dubh –

Designed for less formal events.

Typically featuring standard quality leather blade cover with handle variations including stag horn, oak and more. Day Sgian Dubhs tend to have more subtle details like leather embossing, minimalistic metal detailing and wooden / horn handles.

Dress Sgian Dubh gift

Dress Sgian Dubh –

Dress Sgian Dubhs are more detailed in design and ideal for formal events.

Dress Sgian Dubhs ranges are very varied and can be made with multiple types of materials, colours, stones, clan crest, metal tops and plating. Some designs also feature embossed designs or sculpted shapes.

Dress Sgian Dubhs tend to feature more metal detailing in antique or shiny finishing, with more intricate designs on the leather and metal with a plain top or secure mounted coloured gem stone.

We also offer a wide range of:

Pocket watches –

Ideal for anyone at the festive time, embrace the old fashion pocket watch is a great gift and ideal as a family treasure holding memento of a special event, person or festive period.

Scottish gifts
Scottish Christmas gifts
Pocket watch gift

We offer a wide array of pocket watches in a variety of styles, clan crests and engraved detailing.

The tradition of carrying around a pocket watch has been around for centuries and is truly a gift that is perfect for this festive giving season.

Festive gifting

Cufflinks & Kilt pins –

Those small details that don’t go unmissed, a quality kilt pin or cufflinks can be the cherry on the cake to a kilt / formal outfit. These accessories are the perfect stocking filler.

Ideal for any age waking up to a beautiful kilt pin or cufflink set is far better than an overpriced bodywash set you almost bought.

Queen Victoria is said to have started the trend of the Kilt Pin in the 19th century. The story goes that on a particularly blustery day a soldier was having trouble keeping his Kilt under control. Queen Victoria handed him her own brooch to attach to the bottom of his Kilt, adding enough weight to prevent him from exposing himself to the then Head of State!

Scottish presents

Hip flasks & whiskey glasses –

A perfect times keep would be one of our whiskey glass sets or hip flasks, available in a variety of designs and sets.

Ideal for gift giving this season, all our gift ranges are sourced and made in Scotland and perfect for any whiskey / alcohol drinkers.

Highland wear gifts

Quaich’s –

A Quaich was historically used to share a drink with travelling guests, symbolising the togetherness and friendship shared.

Quaich’s come in an extensive range of designs with engraved detailing and moulded detailed handles.

Sterling silver accessories-

Looking for a gift that little bit extra special?. We have a wide selection of highland wear accessories and clan crest items available in solid silver. That little bit more special and ideal to treasure. We offer solid silver Kilt pins, Sgian Dubhs, Belt buckles & Cufflinks.

Tartan Christmas gifts

Tartan gifts

At Houston Kiltmakers we offer lots of different tartan accessories that can be made in almost any tartan. We are proud to offer the largest tartan range in Scotland. Tartan gifts are a great idea for gifting this holiday season and all year around here’s some of the many tartan products we offer.

Tartan table runner gift

Table runners –

Perfect for your family dinner around the table. Available in an extensive range of tartans, can match any colour scheme or family name/clan. Tartan table runners allow that extra special touch to your home this festive season and great to bring out every year.

We can also embroider designs / names and text onto your table runner to add that extra detail and sentiment.

Tartan Christmas stocking

Tartan stockings and Tree skirts –

What better way to unite the family by having tartan stockings matching or mixed tartans hanging by your fireplace this winter.

Stockings are available in any tartan and a variety of tweeds with optional embroidery available.

Festive tree skirt

Tree skirts are perfect for tying those little details together, covering the unsightly look of the bottom of your tree sand. A tree skirt is a circular piece of tartan with ribbons to tie it shut and lay under your tree.

Available in hundreds of tartans and sizes, a tree skirt is ideal for the festive period and saves unnecessary boxes or blankets covering the bottom of your tree.

Gifts for women

Fashion accessories –

We have lots of fashion accessories perfect for gifting or tying things altogether during those special occasions.

We offer the largest tartan range is Scotland and even if you don’t own any highland wear you can still rock some tartan fashion in a casual way with our

Scarves, Shawls, Sashes, Stoles and Ties.

We are able to make standard, ruched and bow ties in any tartan.

Occasion gifting

Occasion accessories –

Have you got a wedding this festive season or new year? we’ve got the perfect finishing touches for your special occasions. We offer tartan ring cushions, ladies garters and hand ties perfect for a little Scottish tartan touch.

These are all available in almost any tartan and the perfect way to gift the little things.

Ladies accessories-

We also offer the perfect gifts for the women in your life with our range of ladies accessories. we carry brands like Harris Tweed in store. Offering a range of beautiful tweed handbags, toes, purses and cardholders in a variety of patterns and styles.

Ladies Scottish jewellery

We also offer our own custom tartan bags exclusively at Houston kiltmakers so you’ll have plenty of choice.

If your looking for that something shiny to gift we also carry a range of women’s jewellery and broches in a variety of designs, metals, colour and gem stones.

Custom whiskey & Dog accessories-

We also offer specially commissioned whiskey available for order. The extra thought and effort of commissioned whiskey is bound to hit off well during the festive period.

Looking for accessories to keep the furry ones involved? We offer our tartan range in dog accessories including leads, collars and bowties.

Festive gift giving

Tartan design –

Did you know we also can design tartans for you. we get many people enquiring about tartan design around the festive period. Designing a tartan for someone or as a gift is an incredible gift. working closely with us we can design and register your tartan and even have it woven down the line if interested.

Tartan gift accessories


Do you have any occasions coming up in 2024 or not sure what gifts someone would like? why not give the gift of a voucher this festive period.

Gift vouchers are great for anyone to pick what they like or use it towards money off a kilt hire, kilt buy or accessories. we can do vouchers up to any amount starting from £5.

For any enquires on all things kilt buying, accessories, gifting & more feel free to visit us in store or call us on 0141 889 4879 or email us at [email protected]

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