Investing in a Kilt in 2024

Houston kiltmakers is wishing you a very merry Christmas this winter.

We are finally closing in on the 2023 chapter and what a year it has been. By now you are probably wrapping presents, placing tinsel around the Christmas tree, and ready to enjoy the holidays. But what’s next for 2024.

We can all see the summer months on the horizons, bracing the cold this winter to get back to the sunny weather and function season. Well, you are going to need the perfect outfit for 2024 and look no further than Houston kiltmakers to have you looking and feeling good in 2024.

Buy a kilt 2024

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Why invest in a kilt for 2024 –

2024 is approaching and a new year begins, everyone as a society is motivated by the start of the new year a new opportunity to put our best foot forward to take on the year ahead.

For some this mean setting goals, getting back in the gym, planning the year ahead or whatever it is they feel. If you know you have occasions coming up this 2024 its worth considering investing in a kilt.

Just like a suit, the importance of investing in is kilts are designed to last a lifetime and can be worn to a wide array of events. There will always be specials occasions and events all year long and investing once in a kilt can save hundreds on what you would be hiring an outfit for each individual function which is typically around £110- £175. When investing in a kilt there is no obligation to buy the whole outfit and all the accessories, even owning your own kilt it can be styled with a multitude of jackets and accessories and can be reused over and over or passed down the family.

Many people buy bits of the highland wear outfit over time to build up their own bespoke outfit. When buying your own kilt, you have complete customisation there are thousands of tartans to choose from and if you are considering the whole outfit there is a wide array of tweeds, styles and accessories to make your outfit totally you!

Upcoming 2024 Grooms-

If you are planning a wedding for 2024, we can only imagine you are feeling excitement and a little stress. Marrying & committing to your partner is a truly wonderful thing and will be one of the biggest days of your life. The photos and memories on your wedding day will be treasured for decades.

With such a big occasion it is very easy to get lost in the planning and forget what you are going to wear. Weddings can be big and small but looking the part is always a key aspect.

Kilts for wedding

We don’t believe in half measures and think a kilt outfit would have you looking and feeling a million bucks. Your partner will most likely have put serious thought and consideration into what they wear, and we think all 2024 grooms deserve to feel as special and look their very best.

Your day is as important and special to you as it does to your partner and that’s why we think investing in a kilt for your special day would be a great memento of your wedding. like weddings though.

Where can I wear my kilt? –

Even if you are not a groom or even if you’ve not got any occasions coming up, a kilt is a wardrobe staple and can be worn in multiple ways to a multitude of events.

Kilt shop Glasgow

It is known in Scotland kilts are standard formal attire. We highly encourage everyone of all backgrounds to share and embrace Scotland’s beautiful national dress.

You can wear your kilt to an array of events here’s just a few to name, christenings, graduations, balls, dinners, charity events, ceilidhs, burns suppers, banquets, highland games and even football games.

Your kilt outfit can be styled up or down for any occasion and even worn casually with sporran, boots, and a jumper/t-shirt/football shirt.

When to start ordering your Kilt outfit-

When planning to order a kilt outfit, the production and turnaround times vary depending on how you customise your kilt outfit and what you are actually ordering. For example, the turnaround time for ordering the kilt only will be quicker than a full bespoke outfit.

Not to worry this doesn’t mean you need to rush; we can guide you and help you see the options available to you within your time frame available for your function. We offer express services on certain products, and we only use the best Scottish suppliers. There are no hard-hitting sales techniques, just a team of expert staff with genuine passion for what we do.

We recommend ordering your kilt 6-12 months ahead of special occasions, this is due to stock levels of cloth. If your chosen tartan is out of stock it can take 4-6 months to re-weave.

Let’s break it down:

Made to order kilts-

The first step in ordering your kilt is selecting your tartan, we are proud to offer the largest tartan range available in Scotland. We understand it can be overwhelming presented with so many tartans if you don’t have a tartan already in mind. Our experts will talk you through our wide range of swatch books explaining your opinions and get a feel for tartans your drawn to.

Buying a kilt 2024

You’ve picked your tartan what next? We will check will the mill to see if it is in stock if so, we can order your cloth to be shipped to us for kiltmaking. If your tartan is out of stock this means it may be a longer turnaround time as the mill needs to weave the cloth. if your cloth is out of stock, we can also recommend alternatives.

Next up would be selecting your kilt finishings and set which basically means how the pattern is set out and we offer a wide range of kilt options to suit all budgets. Our we have been using our kiltmakers for years and strive to present you with the highest quality handmade kilt.

We can arrange and discuss production times for your kilt and work around your function date, we will take your measurements or ask you to come back in for measuring closer to the time if you are booking well in advance.

We recommend ordering your kilt 6-12 months ahead of time as standard, we can super express make kilts in as little as 2-3 weeks this can be one but 6 months before the event is advised.

All tartans are also available as trews / trousers as well.

Bespoke jackets-

Ordering a bespoke jacket is very similar to the kilt process. It is typical to match the jacket to the tartan by picking out on of the colours or styling with a black/neutral jacket for styling variation.

We offer a few differ styles of jacket with more formal options like a Prince Charlie or Argyle Braemar which are start black jackets with a variety of button options. We also offer a wide range of tweed semi formal jackets.

Bespoke jackets

A bespoke tweed jacket can be fully customised in all areas. We will present you with swatch books of our tweeds. We offer every colour to match every tartan, we will check your tweed is in stock. You can customise, the buttons / pockets / lapels / collar and select your lining we offer an extensive range. If you are unsure our experts offer styling advise to recommend options that pair well together.

We recommend booking 6-12 months in advance for a fully bespoke jacket. We also offer stock jackets in selected styled all of which are the same excellent quality but fitted to a standard size rather than your specific measurements.

Depending on your kilt, jacket or both selections we can discuss turnaround times and your options within your time frame. We have options to fit all budgets we are proud to bring you highland wear at its best & designed to last a life time enduring pieces of quality.

Tartan design-

Looking for something extra special? Tartan design might be for you.

Kilt shop Glasgow

There is nothing like wearing a kilt with your own designed tartan. You can design, register and weave your speciality tartan and you will own the rights to the design and use of the tartan. We register all our tartan designs with the official Scottish register of tartan.

Our tartan design experts have designs for lots of families, couples, charities and big-name clients. With decades of experience our tartan design experts can make your visions come to life. Not sure on a design not to worry our team can design you a tartan based of tartans and patterns you are naturally drawn to and make it completely unique to you.

Tartan design is perfect for a special occasion or event or as a memento of your family name or if your name doesn’t already have a tartan. If you design your own tartan, you can always weave your tartan at a later date which can be made into a kilt, trews, waistcoat, accessories or anything else.

You can browse our buy collection here at or if you have any enquires about bespoke jackets or buying a kilt, our team would love to welcome you in store.

Can’t make it to us? Not to worry you can reach out to us at [email protected] or alternatively call us on 0141 889 4879

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