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Traditonal African Cloth, Made into a Traditional Scottish Kilt!

Recently a customer came into our shop with material he had collected from his recent trip around Africa. He asked if we could make the traditional cotton African cloth into a traditional Scottish Kilt, and we accepted the task!

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There were a few challenges to overcome to make this African Kilt a reality – the material provided wasn’t in the usual dimensions we use to make a Kilt, so the Kiltmaker had to carefully work out the best way to cut and restitch the cloth back together in an easier to work with shape.

The material was different to what we usually work with. Instead of a heavyweight wool this cloth was a lighter-weight cotton.

The unusual design on the cloth meant that working with it was quite different from Scottish Tartan, but there were still similarities. As you can see from the reverse of the Kilt, the Kiltmakers has still managed to incorporate the pattern of the cloth into the pleats on the rear.

We think that turned out great, a very unique look! What do you think of this different take on the Scottish Kilt?

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I so want one of these! I am half Ghanaian so a kilt like this would be fantastic! It must have been quite a challenge. Some of the cloth is very heavy, whereas the Holland Print is very light. What’s the price for one of these?

Hi Steve,

The customer had just return from a visit to Africa with the cloth, and we were more than happy to craft it into a Kilt!

If you have some similar cloth, we would be more than willing to take a look and see if we are able to make it into a Kilt too!

Being half African, I love this design! I am looking to have made a Kente kilt but need to get the material first. The heavier cloth is quite expensive, but it looks like a quality kilt! I would happily take that off your hands 🙂

Great to hear that you like the design! We weren’t too sure how it was going to turn out, but it came out fantastic!

We don’t have this Kilt any more as it was made for a customer, but if you have the cloth we would be more than happy to transform it into a Kilt for you! This was made from a lighter weight cotton compared to the usual heavyweight wool that we are used to using. The pleat would need pressed more often to keep them in shape, and it would perhaps not swing as well as a heavyweight Kilt, but a great result none the less!

I’m getting married in Ireland in May, and my dad is looking for a kilt made from African fabric, like this beautiful one you made! Would you be up for making another?


I hope you were able to get married despite the pandemic! I compete in Scottish Heavy Athletics and I made a kilt from 100% cotton Kente print fabric from a local fabric store ($9/yrd). You can find an easy pattern online, and make something beautiful… not traditionally crafted, but still beautiful and a kilt nonetheless.

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