This link will lead you to all the styles of Stewart tartan we do in store such as weathered, ancient, muted and modern Stewart tartan

This link will lead you to the Scottish register of tartans however some of these tartans may be privately owned and created and would require permission to be used and woven

This link will lead you to some of our clan crest accessories that we do for Stewart[Clan+Crest]=Stewart

With most kilts we would recommend a heavyweight Stewart tartan kilt as it will sit and swing better

We have 89 Stewart tartans that we sell in store the most popular Stewart tartan we sell is 16/17oz Modern Stewart tartan which is Houstons own range

The main colours in the Stewart tartan are  blue, black,  red, yellow and white

Stewart Clan history  

Scotland’s rich history is intricately intertwined with that of the Royal Clan, the Clan Stewart. The surname Stewart originated as an occupational name for a steward, who was responsible for overseeing the affairs of a noble household and its treasury. It is derived from the Old English word “stigweard,” which is a combination of “stig,” meaning “household,” and “weard,” meaning “guardian.” Just like every prominent house, Earl, and Bishop in medieval England and Scotland had their own stewards, this position has given rise to numerous branches of the hereditary surname.

The surname Stewart was initially discovered in Scotland, where records of Stewart as a surname, rather than just an occupation, began to emerge in the 13th century. The ancestors of the renowned Royal Stewart lineage in Scotland can be traced back to a family of Breton nobles called Flaald. Therefore, the name has Anglo-Norman roots. The name made its way to Britain with Alan, a knight who settled in Oswestry in Shropshire.

The Stewart Family motto is “virescit vulnere virtus” which translates to “courage grows stronger at the wound”

Ewans tips for styling

There are many ways to style the Stewart tartan however our recommendation would be a black jacket such as a Prince Charlie or a silver or charcoal tweed

We also recommend that you match the colour of your flashes to the tartan or a plain colour


Famous Stewart

A famous Stewart you might know being Mary Queen of Scots (1542-1587) Mary had 3 husbands in her life time and one son who would later bring Scotland and England together to rule over both countries however Mary was probably best known for her feud with her cousin Elizabeth the First who locked Mary away until she executed her in 1587.

Modern Stewart Black from Houstons own range

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