Tartan In Sports – Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014

With the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games fast approaching, an event that will be touched throughout with a Scottish Tartan Spirit, there hasn’t been a better time to look forward to how tartan will be incorporated into the Glasgow 2014 Games.

Image Via The Scotsman

The Official Glasgow 2014 tartan will be used for the Medal Bearer's Dresses

Hosting a sporting event is always a chance to showcase parts of the local culture and traditions, and the Commonwealth games is no different. Two new tartans have been designed and registered for the event, the first called ‘The Glasgow 2014’ tartan which will be used for the outfits of the medal bearers at the event. A second tartan, ‘Commonwealth Games Scotland, Team Scotland‘, was also designed to be worn by Team Scotland athletes.

The tartan is being modelled by Gregor Edmunds, one of Scotland's strongest men

The Official Glasgow 2014 tartan will be worn by the medal bearers during the Games.

The ‘Glasgow 2014’ tartan was designed all the way back in 2012 by Shawlands Academy pupil Aamir Mehmood, who’s design was picked out over thousands of other designs submitted by students across the country. The tartan incorporates Scotland’s national colours while the green in the design represents the diversity of the pupils at Shawlands Academy. The Glasgow 2014 tartan is available in Scarves, Ties and other accessories from Kiltmakers.com, just email us telling us what your looking for!

Designed at the start of 2014 by Jilli Blackwood, the Team Scotland Commonwealth Games tartan offers a bold look that will make the Scottish athletes stand out at this edition of the Games. Jilli said about her design, “I felt the women were wearing a female version of the male uniform,” and “I thought it was time to bring the women forward and inject a bit of style into their uniforms.”

Jilli Blackwood Modelling her 'Team Scotland' tartan

Jilli Blackwood Modelling her 'Team Scotland' tartan

By using a colour palette that would perhaps be more traditional regarded as feminine, Jilli has created an eye-catching tartan, featuring pink, blue and light brown tones.

There is quite a contrast between both the tartans, the strong green and blue against the lighter, almost pastel pink and yellow. I look forward to seeing both the tartans worn during the games, it will be a great opportunity for one of our national exports to be shown off on the global stage.

The Commonwealth Games starts on the 23rd of July and runs till the 3rd of August. For more information please visit the Games Official website at: www.Glasgow2014.com

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