This link will lead you to all the styles of MacDonald tartan we do in store such as weathered, ancient, muted and modern MacDonald tartan

This link will lead you to the Scottish register of tartans however some of these tartans may be privately owned and created and would require permission to be used and woven

This link will lead you to some of our clan crest accessories that we do for MacDonald[Clan+Crest]=MacDonald+of+the+Isles

With most kilts we would recommend a heavyweight Macdonald tartan kilt as it will sit better

We have 95 MacDonald tartans that we sell in store the most popular Macdonald  tartan we sell is 16/17oz a modern MacDonald tartan which is Houstons own range  

The main colours in the Macdonald  tartan are blue, green, black and red

Macdonald Clan history

The MacDonell or MacDonald of Clanranald, the largest of the Highland clans, was descended from Ranald, son of John, Lord of the Isles. The Lord of the Isles had its own parliament and was once powerful enough to challenge the kings of Scotland. Their territory was mainly along Scotland’s northwest coast. During the Wars of Scottish Independence, the MacDonalds fought alongside Robert the Bruce. After the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314, King Robert the Bruce declared that Clan Donald would always hold the honoured position on the right wing of the Scottish army. The MacDonalds participated in both the 1715 and 1745 Jacobite Uprisings. In 1745, Bonnie Prince Charlie even landed in Clanranald territory, and Flora MacDonald helped him escape to Skye after his defeat at the Battle of Culloden the following year.

 The family motto is “Per mare per Terras” (By sea and by land), and “My hope is constant in thee.”

Ewans tips for styling

There are many ways to style the MacDonald tartan however our recommendation would be a classic black jacket. Wither that be a prince Charlie or argyll, or if you would like your jacket a bit lighter you could try a charcoal tweed

We also recommend that you match the colour of your flashes to the colour of your tie wither that be a Macdonald  tartan tie or a plain colour such as a red  tie

Famous MacDonald

A famous MacDonald you might know Kelly Macdonald, a talented Scottish actress, is celebrated for her roles in both film and television. She has been the recipient of prestigious awards such as a BAFTA Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, and four Screen Actors Guild Awards. Macdonald’s film debut was in Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting.

And of course how could we forget our lovely owners ken and Ewan MacDonald that run Houston kiltmakers in paisley which is a four generation run family business with it being one of the oldest kiltmakers in Scotland

Macdonald clan tartan kilt view 1

Fun facts  

Ken wears ancient MacDonald of clan Ranald from loch carron he has had his kilt for 46 years and it’s still going strong, he has worn it to weddings, birthdays, christening’s, burn supper, cruises, ceilidh  and business events. He has even taking it skiing and will even get buried in it, it’s an old trustful fact

Ewan wears weathered MacDonald glengarry + MacDonald of Glencoe and has the per mare per Terras crest tattooed on his arm – They are proud MacDonalds!

Macdonald clan tartan kilt view 2

Modern MacDonald clan from Houstons own range

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