This link will lead you to all the styles of Baird tartan we do in store such as ancient and modern Baird tartan

This link will lead you to the Scottish register of tartans however some of these tartans may be privately owned and created and would require permission to be used and woven

This link will lead you to some of our clan crest accessories that we do for Baird[Clan+Crest]=Baird+of+Auchmedden

With most kilts we would recommend a heavyweight Baird tartan kilt as it will sit better and not any warmer than 13oz

We have 10 Baird tartans that we sell in store the most popular Baird tartan we sell is 16/17oz modern Baird tartan from Houstons own range. We have made many Baird kilts regimental sett so that the lines are set to the pleats

The main colours in the Baird tartan are blue and green with black and purple lines

Baird clan history

The surname Baird has been linked to Lanarkshire since the 13th century, as well as to the Aberdeen and Banff regions. Notable families bearing this name emerged in the 14th century. The Bairds have played a significant role in the legal profession and national affairs for many years. John Baird was granted the title Lord Newbyth as Lord of Session in the 17th century. General Sir David Baird (1737 – 1829) joined the Army in 1772 and served in India from 1780 onwards. He was wounded and captured by Hyder Ali, but went on to capture Pondicherry in 1793 and Seringapatam in 1799. He is renowned for his march across the desert from the Red Sea to the River Nile in 1801. In 1805, he led an expedition to the Cape of Good Hope.

The family motto is “Dominus fecit”  which translates to “God Made”.

Ewans tips for styling

There are many ways to style the Baird tartan however our recommendation would be black jacket such as a prince Charlie or one of our lovet jackets in  green or charcoal tweed

Modern Baird tartan looks good with a midnight navy tweed jacket and navy socks

Famous Baird

Some famous Baird’s you might know being John Logie Baird who was the Scottish inventor of the first working Television adding him to a long list of famous  Scottish inventors. Born in Helensburgh in 1888 he went on to work through 2 world wars and invented the television, he died in 1946

Baird Tartan Kilt

Modern Baird from Houston’s range

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