Argyle hose, Diced Hose and Castellated topped Hose

Also known as tartan socks or plaid socks.
These Hose are all Made to order and take 6-10 weeks to make. Traditionally worn to black tie events and evening events with black brogues or the traditionalist would wear buckle shoes. Pure new wool and always hand made in Scotland.
Some wear Argyll hose with day jackets but best to only wear to formal events, with a black jacket such as Prince Charlie, Montrose, Kenmore or Sheriffmuir.
Castellated tops have turrets on top and date back to the 1600s. They stay up naturally or come with a cord to tie them up with, should you wish to use it

Diced, Argyll and castellated socks are expensive but look and feel a million dollars
They are the best socks you can wear with your kilt and if you match the colors right it will give your outfit a whole new dimension and depth.

When they are correctly fitted they feel fantastic They require a few different sizes but are pretty easy to measure
See measuring details later.

Remember Hand knitted socks need to be hand-washed only – we have seen a few sets that have gone through a hot wash cycle and there is not much use for them after that…

Argyll socks hose will last a lifetime if you look after them and are hand wash only.

Sock 1
Classic Argyll hose with Modern Hunting Robertson

Sock 2
Black and white/ grey Castlated diced sock with Bute Mist.

Sock 3
Purple and Navy contemporary Argyll Hose with Scottish Heather tartan

Sock 4
Classic diced Hose with Ancient Campbell tartan

Sock 5
Contemporary Charcoal/ Black and teal Argyll Hose with Glencallum tartan

Sock 6
Claret red and Green diced Castellated hose with Macdonald of Glengarry Modern

sock 7
White and red diced castellated Hose with Autumn Bute

Sock 8
Measurement pictures


We need your
Shoe size ( US or UK)
Length of foot(picture 1)
width all the way around widest point(Picture 2)
Round the ankles(picture 3)
Round the calf(picture 4)
Length of leg (Note we will add extra on for the return)(picture 5)


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