This link will lead you to all the styles of Mackenzie tartan we do in store such as weathered, ancient, muted and modern Mackenzie tartan

This link will lead you to the Scottish register of tartans however some of these tartans may be privately owned and created and would require permission to be used and woven

This link will lead you to some of our clan crest accessories that we do for Mackenzie[Clan+Crest]=MacKenzie

With most kilts we would recommend a heavyweight Mackenzie tartan kilt as it will sit and swing  better

We have 22 Mackenzie tartans that we sell in store the most popular Mackenzie  tartan we sell is 16/17oz  Weathered Mackenzie tartan which is Houstons own range

The main colours in the Mackenzie tartan are red, green, blue and white

Mackenzie Clan history

The origin of the ancient Dalriadan-Scottish surname MacKenzie can be traced back to the personal name Coinneach. In Gaelic, the name is known as Mac Coinnich or Mac Choinnich, both signifying son of Coinneach. However, in Adamnan, the Gaelic form of the name is Cainnechus, which is linked to the word cann, meaning fair or bright. Therefore, in this case, the surname falls under the category of a ‘nickname’. The MacKenzie family’s roots can be found in Ross-shire, which was once a county in Northern Scotland, now part of the Council Areas of Highland and Western Isles. They established their family seat in the Gaelic lordship of the Earl of Ross, with records dating back to the early census rolls used by the Kings of Britain for taxation purposes.

The Mackenzie clan have 2 family mottos

The first Mackenzie Family motto is “luceo non uro” which translates to “ I shine not burn”

The second Mackenzie family motto is “sic itur as astra” which translates to “such is the way to immortality”

Ewans tips for styling

Mackenzie is one of the most popular tartans and is a classic design

Dress Mackenzie is also a striking tartan

There are many ways to style the Makenzie tartan however our recommendation would be silver or charcoal tweed or a green lovat jacket

Weathered Mackenzie is a great tartan and looks good with a brown tweed or grey tweed jacket

We also recommend that you match the colour of your flashes to your tartan or a plain colour

Famous Mackenzie

A famous Mackenzie you might know being Alistair Mackenzie who is a famous Scottish actor and writer He is best known for monarch of the glen, Dracula and many other tv roles  

Fun fact

The Mackenzie Tartan serves as the regimental tartan for the Seaforth Highlanders, established by Mackenzie, Earl of Seaforth in 1778. Wilson’s 1819 pattern book documents a range of widths and weights of fabric suitable for various ranks within the regiment. A verified sample is housed in the Collection of the Highland Society of London, bearing the signature of Mrs. Mackenzie of Seaforth from 1816. The modern Mackenzie tartan, a military tartan, was crafted by the Mackenzie Lord MacLeod’s 73rd Highland Regiment (later carried on by the Seaforth Highlanders). This design was derived from an early version of the Black Watch (circa 1729), with the addition of Black, White, and Red lines. The majority of clan tartans we recognize today were developed following the introduction of the concept by the military Highland Independent Companies between 1725 and 1739. Prior to 1700, there are scarce instances of tartan patterns being utilized for clan identification, with cap badges, typically featuring a plant or ribbon, being the preferred method. Nonetheless, there is evidence supporting the existence of regional tartans, which may explain the variation in tartans worn by members of the same clan during the battle of Culloden.

mackenzie tartan clan kilt view 1

Ancient Mackenzie from Houstons own range 

mackenzie tartan clan kilt view 2

Weathered Mackenzie from Houstons own range

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