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When Building a kilt outfit, the first step is selecting your tartan, which can be overwhelming for some. We take pride in offering the largest selection of tartans available in Scotland, but how do you make the right choice? Our most popular and versatile tartans are usually grey and green tartans, as they are easy to style and come in a wide variety of neutral shades to choose from.

Green is one of the most frequently recurring colours in tartans, traditionally associated with forestry and nature. Modern interpretations also connect it to Irish and Catholic heritage. Despite these contemporary associations, the traditional meaning and usage prevail. Green, found in thousands of tartans, typically represents hunting tartans.

green tartans

Why opt for a green tartan kilt?-

Green tartans are versatile, suitable for both formal and casual occasions, and their neutral tones complement a wide range of colours and accessories. Rooted in Scottish heritage and symbolizing nature and traditional hunting grounds, green tartan kilts reflect cultural appreciation.

As a common colour in many tartans, there’s a broad selection available to match personal styles. For those with Irish or Catholic heritage, green tartans carry additional significance, connecting to cultural identity. The earthy tones of green are visually appealing and blend well with outdoor settings, making them ideal for events in nature.

green kilt outfit

Sage Green Tartans –

Green is one of the most commonly used colours in tartan, but sage green has emerged as a trendy new shade in modern tartans. Traditional clan tartans rarely feature sage green, making this colour more common in generic tartans rather than those tied to specific families. This neutrality can be an advantage for those looking for a tartan without specific clan affiliations.

While green has been a staple in traditional tartan designs since the earliest clan tartans, sage green is a relatively recent addition. Few major clan tartans feature this colour, but it has gained popularity in some generic tartans, becoming a favoured shade for contemporary use.

Our sage green tartans are among our best sellers, offering a subtle way to incorporate green. Their neutral tones fit many colour palettes and suit various events, allowing for versatile styling options. Their subtle and sophisticated look makes them ideal for weddings, formal gatherings, and even casual outings.

Hunting / Dark green tartans-

Green is one of the most commonly seen colours across the entire existence of tartans, with thousands of tartans & many of which containing an element or base of green. Hunting tartans typically use earthy tones like dark green, brown, and grey. The patterns are more subdued compared to other tartans, reflecting the need for practicality over fashion.

green tartan

Green tartans are typically associated with forestry / hunting tartans which are more traditional & were designed with inspiration from scottish landscape & designed with dark forestry colours for wearers hunting in the woods to avoid being seen.

Due to the dark colour palette these types of tartans are very easily styled & can be dressed up or down. hunting tartans have always been relatively popular, traditional & fashionable making them a safe choice for those unsure of a tartan for their kilt.

Some notable hunting tartans include the MacLean Hunting tartan, which uses dark green, blue, and black, and the Robertson Hunting tartan, which features dark green, navy, and red.

Popular & versatile green tartans –

sage green tartans
Ancient Campbell –
dark green tartans
Isle of Skye
hunting tartans
Modern Douglas

Ancient Campbell-

Super versatile tartan with sky blue & bright green mixed with black accents, easily styled with a blue, green, charcoal or black jacket.

Isle of Skye-

One of the most recognisable tartans, representing the beautiful grounds of the isle of Skye this is the perfect spring summer tartan with hints of purple, tan, white, dark & light green.

Modern Douglas-

More subtle dark green & navy blue tartan with w2hite & black accents ideal for styling with a navy, black, charcoal or bottle green jacket.

irish green tartans
dark green tartan
Modern Hunting MacDonald of the Isles
green tartan kilts
Modern MacKay


This tartan has bright colours of green, orange, white & black for a lively green tartan perfect for outdoor occasions best styled with an black, charcoal or burnt orange.

Modern Hunting MacDonald of the Isles-

Another fan favourite MacDonald of the isles is darker and more subtle way of wearing forestry colour like bottle green & navy with a pop of red & white. This tartan is ideal for styling with a black, charcoal or navy jacket.

Modern MacKay-

For those looking for a seasonless green tartan, modern MacKay is ideal despite its dark colours its super easy to style with a black, charcoal or navy jacket and can be styled up or down for any occasion.

light green tartan
Ancient Hunting Robertson
sage green tartan kilt
Weathered Patriot
sage tartan
Aonach Mor

Ancient Hunting Robertson-

This tartan is perfect for colour balance with bright blue & green base with red, white and black accents, against another very versatile tartan which you could style super colour or more subtle with a black jacket.

Weathered Patriot-

This is actually one of our own Houston Kiltmakers exclusives, only available with us. weathered patriot is our fan favourite as the perfect green / sage tartan ideal for any event and very trendy colours.

Aonoch Mor-

Again another Houston Kiltmakers exclusive designed by our very own Ewan MacDonald. this tartan is the perfect neutral blend of green, grey & blue. This is ideal for styling more colourful with a blue, green or brown jacket or more neutral styling with a silver, grey or black jacket.

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